Our Story


According to Jo

This awesome, crazy, exciting, unbelievable journey all began while I was still in hospital…I had just given birth to our beautiful little bundle of joy when my husband (Mo) told me about some audition that he would like to take part in. Not knowing that I was also included in this I told him to go ahead. It soon dawned on me that I was part of this team event audition and was now a ‘Braai-Buddy’…really now! The audition day arrived and even though still breastfeeding and not 100% healed from the C-section I dutifully went along to support my husband on this ‘quest’.

This is US

OMG!! We made it through the 1st round of the auditions….then the 2nd round …next the top 40. Lying in bed contemplating, what if we actually get chosen to go on this adventure? > 60 days having to leave a new born baby and teenage son (who was busy getting ready for mid-year exams) at home…all this and busy renovating our new home! We went about our business until the announcement of the top 15…WE HAD MADE IT! We were going on an adventure of a lifetime! I was numb and in shock…combination of fear and happiness…my 1st concern, our children…how are we going to do this?

After much turmoil, confusion, debate and deliberation later we decided the best solution was have my mom come through from Cape Town and take care of the boys. One issue sorted…next > My husband had to give up his job if we wanted to be on the show as his company did not want to give him leave…why, afters 12 years of dedicated service? I had just taken a retrenchment package myself at the end of 2012 and now this! So, no steady income, new addition to the family, new house…decisions, decisions!…WE TOOK THE RISK!


Opportunities like this come along very seldom in a person’s life, so we grabbed onto it with both hands and embarked on a journey to create a better life for us and our family….we went with faith and our belief that everything in life has a purpose and that there is a reason for all that happens every second of every day…

We went on a road trip that tested our strength, physically, mentally, emotionally and as a unit…the challenges we went through, extreme conditions and circumstances, there were many and varied but none compared to the risks and challenges we have faced in our life in order to make it a fruitful one…dreams are only possible if you go out and try to attain them – Remember NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! (if you believe and make it so) Embrace every challenge by refusing to give up…our belief then and now is that the only way for us is up.

We’re still climbing our mountain so watch this space for more of The Mojo Experience!

To be continued…J”